River of Secrets by Roger Johns

River of Secrets. Herbert Marioneaux, a Louisiana politician infamous for changing his mind on hot-button issues, has been murdered and his body posed to send a message. Baton Rouge homicide detective Wallace Hartman has to figure out who’s sending that message. DNA points to Eddie Pitkin, a social justice activist who also happens to be the half-brother of Wallace’s childhood best friend. But even with the combative history between Pitkin and Marioneaux, murder seems out of character for Pitkin, whose usual MO is to confront the wealthy and powerful with their inconvenient past. As Wallace digs deeper, she unearths a possible alibi witness, along with evidence of a deeply troubled relationship that points the finger of suspicion at Marioneaux’s son. While Pitkin’s supporters are convinced of his innocence, his enemies are equally certain of his guilt. Under pressure from all directions, Wallace pursues her investigation into the dark heart of the political establishment as Baton Rouge falls under the shadow of escalating violence. When it appears a police department insider may be sabotaging her efforts by leaking information about the case, and after menacing messages are left for her and her loved ones, Wallace is forced to untangle a trail of old and disturbing secrets unaided by those she most needs to trust.

Dark River Rising by Roger Johns

Dark River Rising takes you into the dangerous world of Wallace Hartman, a female police detective in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She’s smart and fearless, and when the lives of those she cares about are put in jeopardy by the cleverest, most violent criminal she’s ever pursued, she is unstoppable. Forthcoming from Minotaur Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press, in 2017.